Work With Me

“The Dish On Healthy” is a Toronto-based blog about my journey with wholesome, unprocessed foods. I would welcome the opportunity to work with companies & publications (big or small) that also embrace this real food philosophy. I develop my own recipes and most of my food is gluten-free/dairy-free/ & sugar free. I would be happy to collaborate on the following services:

  • Brand Ambassadorship: Looking for someone who is a good fit with your target audience to represent your brand, grow your platform & develop a long-term partnership?
  • Recipe Development: In case you haven’t noticed, cooking is totally my thing. I love to get creative in the kitchen & develop kick-ass recipes that not only taste great; but are also nourishing & good for you. I’ll find a unique way to incorporate your product into a recipe of your liking.
  • Sponsored Posts/Events: If I believe in your brand, I will be happy to endorse it. I’ll create a customized “sponsored post” that will promote your product to my followers & readers; who also share my passion for healthy eating.
  • Product Reviews & Giveaways: Have a new or existing product you want me to try? Send it my way! I love to write. I love to try new things. I think I could help. If it’s a giveaway, I would love to host a raffle/contest & provide you with a forum to promote your product while simultaneously reward one of my readers.
  • Guest Blogging & Editing: Would you like me to take over your blog or Instagram account for a day? I am up for both, or either. It’s about to get interesting!


If you are interested in partnering with me, please send me an email at:


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