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Yogurt and Granola Sweet Potato Boats

Yogurt and granola sweet potato toasties that make for the perfect breakfast or snack. Naturally gluten-free and paleo; roasted sweet potato slices serve as a healthier alternative to traditional toast. You’ll love these yummy and nourishing treats!

Appetizers & Dips

The Easiest Homemade Labneh!

Did I ever tell you that making homemade labneh involves two ingredients and is stupidly easy? Am totally serious. Labneh is nothing more than full-fat yogurt that has been strained & refrigerated for a couple of hours (or in some cases, 2 days) to drain all the water & achieve a soft cheese-like consistency. And the…… Continue reading The Easiest Homemade Labneh!

Appetizers & Dips

Homemade Tortilla Chips!

There is something to be said about crispy, warm, restaurant-style tortilla chips. That delectable crunch & freshness that could never be paralleled or replicated by something (anything) that came out of a bag, really. The truth is; homemade chips are at a different level in the foodie stratosphere. I dig them. I crave them. I…… Continue reading Homemade Tortilla Chips!