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The Ultimate Chicken Fajita Bowl

Everything tastes better in a bowl. Am I right? There’s a je ne sais quoi about this build-your-own fierce fajita bowl that’s incredibly appealing. It’s easily customizable to your fave sides, repurposed leftovers will always be put to great use, and there’s a lot less mess than trying to fit this all into a tortilla.…… Continue reading The Ultimate Chicken Fajita Bowl


Dining Out Gluten Free

I’m pretty excited to welcome a good friend & really fun guest blogger today, everyone meet Jackie! She’s the super talented blogger and resourceful mastermind behind Gluten Free Follow Me; a comprehensive dining guide that’s meant to make gluten-free dining effortless & conveniently easy for all. She’s eaten her way through some of the best…… Continue reading Dining Out Gluten Free

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Sweet Potato Noodle Pad Thai with Ginger & Garlic Shrimp

I don’t know about you, but this girl has a deep-rooted appreciation for Thai food. Pad Thai all-ways, any day would accurately describe my 22 year-old self. Immediately after I graduated university, I started working for IBM & rented my first “solo” apartment in the heart of midtown Toronto. It was “strategically situated” directly above…… Continue reading Sweet Potato Noodle Pad Thai with Ginger & Garlic Shrimp

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Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini

I believe brussels sprouts deserve more love. They are sort of every kid’s holiday food nightmare. I’d look at them (sulk) and then look away, literally. There’s so many ways to eat them, dress them, and enhance this unassuming vegetable that has endured such a bad rep for so long. They’re kind of like that…… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini

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Hello, Healthy Butter Chicken !

Butter chicken totally spells comfort food for me. From the fragrant garam masala smell, to the warming melange of flavors you get with each bite; I love it [and want to inhale it] all. After taking a second to stop and think about it; when “butter” is part of the naming convention, well, it (kind…… Continue reading Hello, Healthy Butter Chicken !