Thai Quinoa Spring Salad

A seriously refreshing Spring Salad- it brings together the best Thai flavors: mango, peanuts, cabbage, cilantro, green onions & red bell peppers. All tossed around organic quinoa & drizzled with a homemade peanut satay dressing that’s going to become a fridge staple!

Salad · Vegetarian

Southwest Sweet Potato Salad

You know how there’s certain foods you just kinda (totally) ignore? Well, that was exactly the case with me and sweet potatoes/yams. I knew about this potato variety, but aside from my aunt Rosy’s epic Thanksgiving and Christmas sweet potato, cinnamon and marshmallow casserole; I seldom paid much attention to this unassuming vegetable. And the worst part…… Continue reading Southwest Sweet Potato Salad

Salad · Vegetarian

Roasted Purple Potato Salad

This is not your average potato salad. Once you give this incredibly simple recipe a try, you won’t ever return to the store-bought variety. That, my friends, is a promise. If you enjoy boiled potato salad, wait till you try roasted potato salad! This simple move from [boil to roast] makes for some serious, next-level…… Continue reading Roasted Purple Potato Salad