A Two-Minute Breakfast of Champions!


Kind I say “obsessed”? This amazingly easy & nutritious breakfast is perfect for life on the fast lane. Mornings in our house are, well, hectic. There’s 2 children under 4 waiting for their breakfast, a yappy dog waiting to go outside and have some kibble & fresh water, & a husband heading off to work & breakfast on the road to pack. The 7:00-9:00 am slot is simply put; rush hour. And am all too familiar with rushing. But rushing doesn’t mean you’re going to have to eat “food products” AKA empty calories i.e. cereal, orange juice, pop tarts & sugary toast. This blog is all about leaving the food products behind and focusing on real, whole foods that will instead do something for you.

This bowl of goodness is packed with delicious & hearty chocolate granola, sliced bananas, dark chocolate chunks (don’t sprinkle indiscriminately), almond milk, dry goji berries & almond butter for the win. You need fiber, fruit, antioxidants, protein, healthy fats, & I can easily argue that we could all use (or need?) a little dark chocolate. Throw them all together, splash some almond milk & and dig in; it doesn’t get any easier than that. I usually take 5-10 minutes to eat breakfast, but it truly is the most important meal of the day. All of the bowl contents are now available at most mainstream grocery retailers, and are not hard to find, at all!

I used to meticulously count calories every single morning. It usually went something like this: “Oh, 90 calories of partly skimmed cow dairy + 110 calories of whole wheat, sugary cereal…. so that’s only 200 calories and am winning!”. Not true. I honestly could not tell you how many calories are in the above bowl of breakfast. Am not interested in counting. But I can definitely tell you it has far more than 200 calories. But the beauty of it is how my body will process & break down what’s in the bowl itself. Moreover, the breakfast is so filling (thanks to the healthy fats & protein) that I won’t be hungry an hour or two later- which is what I was fighting all my life.

Don’t be afraid of calories. We all ought to be afraid of chemicals and processed foods. Please don’t think 10 bowls of these a day will get you somewhere healthy(ier) but swapping frozen waffles, grilled cheese, or cereal for this incredibly nutritious bowl certainly will!


Thank you so much for your emails & questions… I will try to answer all of them at my earliest convenience. If I take a little longer (I have not forgotten you) and will get to you as soon as I can. 🙂




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